Quick Fit 360® Put to the Test


Professional tennis player and her coach perform sports specific drills on the Quick Fit 360®. They work on the athlete’s conditioning, agility, speed, and strength.


Performance Coach Trains Varsity Basketball athlete
with Quick Fit 360® to improve her footwork, conditioning, speed, and agility.


Professional MMA Fighter Rob Emerson gets put through a Quick Fit 360® training. The Quick Fit 360® allows the athlete to work both upper and lower body in a seamless manner. Great for warm-ups, workouts, as well as speed and agility training.

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The Best Agility Ladder you will ever Own!

  • Assembles instantly into the most versatile agility ladder of its kind. The Quick Fit 360® allows you to reach your fitness goals, FAST, without weights or extra equipment.
  • This revolutionary product can be folded rapidly, saving you space and time.  Its circular design delivers a superior workout in contrast to the ordinary ladders.
  • Conditions the upper and lower body seamlessly. 
  • The Quick Fit 360® targets the core, one of the most important group of muscles in muscular-skeletal fitness.
  •  The Quick Fit 360® is the best exercise equipment for home use, any sport, or personal training. 
  • Designed for training multiple athletes at once, perfect for smaller spaces, the Quick Fit 360® enhances any size gym.
  • A must for football, basketball, track and field, tennis, soccer, boxing, wrestling, MMA, personal training.  
  • Choose any sport the Quick Fit 360® will make you better!
  • The Quick Fit 360® is designed so it won’t lose its shape when you kick it and you don’t get tangled up in it.
  • The Quick Fit 360® develops conditioning, agility, speed and strength, it produces results in just minutes a day!
  • Made for indoor and outdoor use and most terrains   (avoid slick, slippery, or wet surfaces)
  • The Quick Fit 360® is the best exercise equipment for home use, any sport, or personal training.
  • Step up to the Next Level of agility ladders! 
  • Get yourself a Quick Fit 360® Today!

Improve conditioning, agility, speed, and strength with a single portable device.

Quick Fit 360? Exercise Equipment

Patent No.:  US00D875854

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